CMCI has provided Commercial Renovation Services since the mid 80’s and Hospitality Renovations throughout the US, Latin America, South America and the Carribbean since the mid 90’s.

The roots of today’s CMCI is what makes this team so determined, capable & successful within the construction industry. CMCI’s team comes from a long line of blue-collar men & women that have, in one way or another, protected & served their country, their communities, & their families. They have chosen to protect & serve through the military, the police/fire departments, & other civil duties as mailmen, teachers & nurses. They even have farmers & fishermen that have fed their county, communities & families through the good times & the bad times. And of course, every kind of blue-collar worker from construction to mechanics & from factory workers to truckers, they have the drive & the tenacity to conquer everything in front of them, even the unknown. All these types of people have many great qualities in common like morals, ethics & responsibility along with the ability to work with their hands & their minds to make our world a better place. These traits have been passed down through many generations & instilled into the wonderful team you will come to know as CMCI.

The story of CMCI begins in the 80’s with a fireman & the need to provide for his family by working a second job during his off times at the fire department. He chose to work in a field that he was well versed in, so he created a construction company to provide extra comfort for his family & additionally, to further help serve his community. Through the next 2 decades, he did every kind of residential construction & soon worked into commercial construction as well. Through this time, he taught his son this rewarding trade until the time came for him to retire from the fire department. From that point forward, he created a partnership with his son which has since flourished into a full service residential & commercial construction company that has reached out beyond the small community where it all began, to a national service for all their new & existing clients. As a family owned & operated business, they have incorporated their morals & ethics over the years which has create a reputation of integrity & quality. That’s where “Quality is Our Business!” originated.

The fireman mentioned is James Miller, the father of Cory Miller which is the current “Principal & CEO” of CMCI. Together they have created a construction company with an excellent reputation of quality & commitment to their clients. This family owned & operated company has developed its experience in the construction industry throughout the years to include residential & commercial construction nationally. In the residential division of CMCI, they specialize in “turnkey” new residential construction of manufactured or modular homes. In the commercial division at CMCI, they are focused on hospitality renovations, community buildings/amenities renovations, & tenant improvement/buildouts. CMCI has put together a team of equally experienced & highly driven individuals to help extend CMCI’s capabilities on a larger platform. This way CMCI can assist the strategic growth of their clients’ investment portfolio to ensure that CMCI’s clients’ financial investments flourish. CMCI does this by completing projects within budget, on schedule, & with great quality. That’s why CMCI’s moto is “Quality is Our Business!”

CMCI’s construction management team is excited with the current growth & expansion that they are experiencing. CMCI is doing a multitude of improvements including items like a soft re-banding that’s nearly complete, introducing new software for a better accounting, estimating, & management experience for CMCI internally as well as for their clients, & will be relocating CMCI’s home office to a larger, more suitable facility that will house everyone comfortably including CMCI’s fleet, equipment, & supplies keeping them safe & secure. Along with these improvements & most importantly, CMCI will be adding more team members to hone their abilities & to extend their capabilities to be everything their clients require & to be anywhere they need them. CMCI’s long-term goal is to be the first company their clients contact when they have any construction needs because they know, from their own experience or from CMCI’s well-known reputation, that CMCI can & will facilitate all their construction needs. And to have your cake and eat it too, CMCI will do everything in their power to give their customer a breath-taking final product with guaranteed quality delivered on time & under budget. CMCI, where “Quality is Our Business!”